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Equilibrium Pre Travers Massive Can Release (TOGA)

We are stoked to announce another Equilibrium Brewery Can Release on Friday, August 23rd at 5 PM. This is timed perfectly the day before the big Travers race - stop by and snag some cans for your coolers, trades, bottle shares, but most importantly... FOR YOURSELF! In addition to the can release we will also have a killer tap takeover!

• Laboratory Tubes TRIPA 10.5% collab with HOMES Brewery
11 cases
• Seven Izzup Lemon Lime DIPA 7.7% collab with Civil Society Brewing
20 cases
• Energy Equals DIPA 8.0%
16 cases
• Infinity Polar Vortex TRIPA 10.5% collab with NORTHERN MONK
16 cases
• Photon Citrus Pale 4.8% with grapefruit, lime, lemon, tangerine & orange peel
6 cases
• MC2 DIPA 8.0% a true classic
6 cases

• Laboratory Tubes TRIPA
• Seven Izzup Lemon Lime DIPA
• Infinity Polar Vortex TRIPA
• Photon Citrus Pale

If you are seeking out specific product we highly recommend showing up 30 minutes to an hour before hand based off of how our previous can releases went. Sip on some EQ Juice, pay for your product ahead of time, chill in our comfortable air conditioned bar, and when the release time hits... just go pick up your cans. EASY! We have less cans coming through this time around and ordered based on previous attendance so get to the space before they are gone! We will stick with the same process as last time since it ran wicked smooth:

- Once we hit capacity folks hanging out inside will get first crack at what they want. Show up early, chill in the bar, sip on some juicy EQ draft, and and get what you want!
- We will have a separate register from our bar register set up inside exclusively for can release purchases.
- If you want to speed things up even more we will have a cash only express line set up outside that will be live right at 5 PM. Just walk up ready with cash (exact amount preferred), grab, and go!
- Ticket system to speed up the transaction process and limit communication at the register (the largest chunk of time from past experience)
- We will also list the amount of cases received so that you will have an accurate understanding of your shot at getting any limited items based on how many folks show up.

Stay tuned for updates. We are stoked. Cheers!

If you can't make this release we have a smaller one happening in Albany the next day - Equilibrium Pre Travers Mini Can Release (Alb)

** please note that all of this is subject to change **